Educommunication course for UNESCO-UNED

Hi guys. The last three months I've been very quiet on this forum. I have been collaborating in a sMOOC (social Massive Open Online Course) of the National University of Distance Education of Spain (UNED) in collaboration with UNESCO on Educommunication (media and information literacy course for citizens).
In this project, I have been responsible for the design and graphic/visual communication section. I have also collaborated with the educational gamification and I have been a tutor teacher, in the speciality of graphic and visual communication, together with the rest of the team.
It has been my first such complete collaboration and I am really very happy.

Here you can see the advertising spot of the course. All the animations are made with Hype except the transition with the mask, which I solved in DaVinci. I tried to do it with clipPath but it didn't work with the video, but I was able to use it in the introduction video of the course, although I had some problems.


And here you can see the video presentation of the course.
The original idea was to do it with the MOHO animation programme, as it was going straight to video. However Moho 13 had a bug for Mac Big Sur and it didn't work, so I decided to animate everything with our beloved HYPE.
The most problematic part was working with clipPath. It gave several problems (most probably due to my lack of programming knowledge) because it worked in the first scene, but not in the following ones.
The work had to be solved in four days, so I didn't have the chance to ask here. The transition mask in the first scene worked and that was the main thing. The other masks were for hiding and I was able to replace them with a shape in the corresponding colour.
Looking at it today, I would correct some things in the animation. There are moments where there is a lot of movement, but as I had to take care of the whole process: script, voice-over, design, animation, sound and editing/video editing there was no time to make the necessary adjustments.

I'm really happy with Hype, despite not having an easy way to make the masks. :blush:


:partying_face: Looking good!

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This is incredible work, thanks for sharing with us!

You've really come a long way in such a short time -- I feel like it was yesterday you shared your first animation!

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Thank you for your words, Daniel. It's certainly not even eight months since I started trying Hype from scratch. This indicates that the learning curve, even without being a programmer, is not that steep.
While I think my experience in traditional animation is helping me overcome my programming shortcomings, I wouldn't have made as much progress without the great contributions from you, @jonathan, @MaxZieb, @h_classen, @JimScott, @MarkHunte, @Photics, (...) and the rest of the team.

A big part of the magic of Hype is the generosity of its users and the support you give. I'm still learning, I still have a long way to go, and I'll gladly continue to share my progress. I'm really enjoying it. You are creating a great application. :pray: Thanks to all of you. One feels part of the Hype family. :beers:


That is a phenomenal job!

This was done in four days? Impressive!

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Thank you very much. Yes, it was a long four days :sweat_smile: