Hype Universe #11

If you missed our webinar covering techniques to embed Tumult Hype animations within the powerful in5 plugin, fear not! You can watch the replay right here. Combining Tumult Hype and in5 is the ideal toolkit to create interactive digital magazines and we've enjoyed hearing from people jumping into Hype for the first time.

In the spirit of friendly competition, @Photics has launched a 'Year of Fun' game competition. We can't wait to see what everyone creates! For a small sampling of inspiring example games + game development techniques to help with your game submission, check out the #gamedev tag.

Projects We Love

Our friend @Saeta Hernando shared a wonderful illustrated course introduction for a project with UNESCO and the National University of Distance Education of Spain.

"An Immigrant Story" tells the 20th century journeys of folks seeking a better life in Canada through pictures and well-written family histories.

Our friend @michelangelo over at Multithemes has released a new series of animated Hype-based Rapidweaver themes — worth checking out if you're a Rapidweaver designer.

A cancer therapy center in Australia created an innovative interactive tool for navigating cancer treatment therapies they offer (by @vent)

Powerful Add-Ons and Helpers from the Forums

The Hype Code Playground (currently in Beta) is a powerful visual editor for building JavaScript functions in Hype by Andrew Bullen @drewbullen . With a drag + drop interface for building loops, arrays, and working with the Hype API, we guarantee you'll unlock some powerful techniques for your projects. Watch an overview video.

Max Ziebell demonstrates a slick combination of 'Hype Data Magic' and a carousel animation sequence in Hype. (@MaxZieb)

Andrew Bullen shared a great example of reusable image components in Hype leveraging individually referenced symbols loaded from a single SVG file. Watch an introduction video here, and learn more at this forum thread.

If you'd like to recommend a tutorial or share one of your own Hype projects with us, you can reply to this email—we'd love to hear from you.

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