Editing on Windows

I know there is not a hype version for Windows but was wondering if anyone had any experience of editing the text in a Hype document on Windows.

I have produced a series of presentations / courses in Hype and my client wants to make small text edits themselves (each ‘slide’ has a block of text).

Any suggestions? Thank you.

no other possibility than search replace in the js for the document-instance.


if you'd like to use @MaxZieb's Hype Data Magic to setup your documents, layout and content could be separated

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Hype documents themselves are "one way" directionally, so if you do wind up editing an export, note that it will not be reflected in the original. Any future exports would need to also apply those changes, or change the source .hype document.

This is probably the better idea - isolate the potentially editable content and allow the client to freely make changes to that without affecting what happens during an export.