Duplicate items in Resource folder

there are multiple copies and unused images and videos in my resource folder. Do all those files in there cause additional time in the loading of the site? How can I avoid all these extra copies of the files? When I delete them sometimes thats actually the one thats being referenced so its basically trial and error cleaning out and slimming down this folder.
Please advise.

Check out this document for detailed information on optimizing speed: Decreasing load times and optimizing performance: Preparing a Large project in Hype

Only images with ‘Preload’ checked in the resource library will slow the loading of your Tumult Hype document. There should be many duplicates of elements. If you drag an element to your document (which adds it to your resource library), if you drag that element again to you document it will not be re-added. If you’re seeing something different, could you submit a bug from the Help > Report an issue menu and include your document?

Thanks Daniel-

So if preload is unchecked when exactly does it load those files? Does it
load them in the background or do you have to call the actual page up to
have them load?

Thanks for your time and attention.



If preload is unchecked, the images are only loaded when they are dynamically entered into the DOM, which is the exact moment when the scene is opened. So on slow connections you will see a top-to-bottom loading motion for most images ( and a fade from blurry for progressive JPEGS ), whereas you would see images instantly if the images were preloaded.

One way to get the best of both worlds is include a brief buffer period before showing the images.

Or, if you’re on scene 1 and you want to preload images from scene 2, you could keep the images from scene 2 off the visible scene area of scene 1. While the user won’t see them on scene 1, when they switch to scene 2 they’ll be ready to go in the browser’s memory. Of course, this has implications for how scene 1 performs.

Hope that helps clarify!

Very much so Daniel.Thank you for your time!!