Drawing canvas Widget with Hype for ibook

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I need some help to modify a Canvas widget made with hype.

I found a canvas widget made with hype on hype dock :

I really like the widget, but I would like to customize the interface. I would like to remove the selection of brush thickness to have it fixed. I would like also to remove choices of colors and only keep two colors.

Could anyone one guide me on how to modify the widget ?


This was created by the talented @h_classen

You can simply hide the brush thickness element to lock that down. Similarly, for limiting colors, you can remove any you don’t want using the visibility tool. (Click the eyeball when an element is selected).


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Hello Daniel.

Thank a lot for the quick update. I will try that tomorrow. Can i ask one more question ?
I downloaded the zip folder provided, but i am not sure which file i should open when in hype.

Should i look for a file with a specific expansion ?


You would open the .hype file to edit it in Hype.

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ha ha -> this is pretty much nice :slight_smile:

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Hello Daniel

How are you ?

I managed to hide the component i do not want display but now I am struggling to change the picture. How do i replace the bus picture by any picture? which kind of format or extension should the picture be ?

Thank a lot in advance for your time and support



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I agree with Daniel, you are truly talented. The canvas is awesome, thank a lot for sharing this.


You could use really any format for this, but a JPG or PNG should be fine. You would need to replace this image:

You could either delete that image, or replace the image in the resource library with an image of your choosing. Here’s how to replace a resource: https://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#replacing-resources

Searching for ‘freda’ will show this image in the resources library: