Drawing canvas Widget with Hype for ibook

server side php-file is used to save the drawn pictures for the gallery.
the raw drawing part is clientside.

but, you are right. customizing is difficult and without technical background even more.

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I thought I’d take another stab at it and have appeared to figure it out. I couldn’t figure out why my other Widgets worked with a Resource Path and this one did not. When exporting to a folder, the resulting .HTML file points to the Resource folder and works when run in Safari just fine. However, when you copy the contents of the Resource folder and the top-level HTML file to Hype, it didn’t load in preview. I opened the HTML file and discovered that the path written by Hype shows a different path.


After updating the path…


It will now load in and run properly in Hype preview.

Hope this will help anyone else having this problem. Thanks again!


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