Drag and Drop to Unscramble to Form Sentence

Hi again! I found this drag and drop from the forums but I want to change it a bit to form an unscramble the words to form a sentence. I made it work but there is an issue moving to scene or coming back it won't work properly anymore. The drop won't work until refreshing and again it will have the same issue once you change scene. Second error the positioning of the draggables keeps on changing, this occurs after I click the box of the Scene Scale.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 8.21.33 PM

Hype File:
Drag and Sort.zip (474.7 KB)

This is the former link I modified:

Checking that Multiple Drops Have Completed - Using JavaScript with Hype - Tumult Forums

did you try Hypespecific Drag and Drop Enabler - #14 by h_classen ?

May work for this ...

Sorry but I don't understand how to make it work with this Drag and drop enabler.
The activity I specifically wanted is the one where I can exchange drop locations.

I tried using one scene for 4 sentences but it won't work as well.

Drag and Sort Failed multiple 2.zip (583.2 KB)