Domino Effect using Hype Physics Menu

Good afternoon everybody,

I would like to create a "domino effect", with an element X hitting and causing the first element A of a sequence to fall to the right, which in turn causes an element B to fall next to it and so on.
I am attaching a diagram to better clarify what I mean.

Is it possible to achieve this effect using the Physics menu of Hype?

Thank you all for your attention and support!

It probably is more effort typing in that example than actually setting basic the Physics up on the elements.
Have you tried anything ?

Just playing around with the values in the physics engine... (12.1 KB)

yes, I did some tests and I almost managed to get an acceptable effect!

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thanks, I did something similar too, your example helps me :+1:

An adaption from

MatterJS_collisionDominos.hype (23.2 KB)