Does not play scene when pulled by Bucket

Good morning, excuse me, could you help me to know why the scene called "Dinosaur" does not run when pulled by the drop? No sound or effect come in?
Thank you very much in advance. (2.7 MB)

Well, there is no next Scene or scene "Dinosaur" in your example file... :thinking: But the button on the bottom right is partly covered by the group `Timer'. Choose 'ignore all pointer events' in the action tab for this element.

Sorry, I meant timeline

Yep, have seen that. And which event is supposed to start the timeline? Click on button? What do you mean by 'pull by the drop'?

When you put the bottom dinosaur on top, the top one pulls it. It is there when I get your help, so that the timeline called Dinosaur begins, which is to lower the opacity and a sound that is there.
Thanks for your generosity.

Ahh, I see...

:sweat_smile: I appreciate what you do for our inclusive project for children with disabilities.

Hmmm, can´t get it working so far. Found an example file for this kind of drag and drop. Took me a while, to understand the principle...

please read this post for the correct data-attributes ...

you'll need data-dropcustombehavior for a dropfield ...

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