Does Amazon Lightsail & Hype

Hello folks,
Does Does Amazon web hosting (Lightsail) support Hype created site?


Yup! Since Tumult Hype exports as static files, it is fully supported on Lightsail when you use an image that supports hosting static files (all do).

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Great! Thank you Daniel.
In LightSail > Blueprint > Apps + OS > Would I select: CPanel & WHP for Linux or WordPress?
I believe that CPanel option (Simiar to GoDaddy) would allow me to upload the hypersource folder (zip) & index.html.
What do you recommend?


Enclosure: Lightsail blueprint options

Others can probably chime in better since I'm not a Lightsail or cPanel user, but do note that cPanel requires paying for a separate license to that software.

(I personally would choose LAMP and just sftp into a server with an app like Transmit to upload files -- but you have to be comfortable with that.)

Hello Jonathan,
I am facing the following issue:
As the scene loads or the users click on various links, the images and texts are not aligned.
NB. I inserted a JavaScript code: On Scene Load > Action: Run Java script “Detect device.”
does this code need to be entered for each scene (On Scene Load)?

The project looks fine my iMac, but on a MacBook, for each scene, images and react are misaligned & distorted.
Lastly, do I need to create another layout e.g. for iOS devices?
Here is the link to my project:

I would very appreciate your guidance!


Hi Morreza,

You're going to want to group the elements you want to be responsive and then apply flexibly properties to them. This post explains a common configuration that:

I don't think you need the detect display function -- Hype will determine your browser's width and adjust the size of your Hype embed based on that information.

Thank you Daniel!

I forgot to ask, do I need to create a layout for mobile devices?
I think, this applied to older version of Hype a few years ago.
Lastly, do you have a hype file example for: Flexible layout + Zoom function?

Here's an example file: Responsive Test

And here is a good example of a 2 layout responsive document: Responsive Test

There's a million ways to configure these types of things but the key thing to leverage is grouping and making your own decisions about how images are cropped (if they are cropped) if their aspect ratio does not fit in the viewport.

Thanks a millio Daniel!