Displaying My Project

Hi Guys,
I created an interactive basketball court designer in Hype. My main objective was to send this to clients and let them design their court before they purchase it. I downloaded the "Wrapping" app and used that to make an IOS app. Realizing not everybody is an Apple user I tried to make an app in the Andriod Studios. This has just been way too time-consuming. Is there a way through the hype to just send my project for someone to view and use? Is there any way to export the hype file to the Android Studios? I am open to all ideas and suggestions. Has anybody ever run into this?

Hi! I make the “Wrapping” app!

I have successfully converted a Hype project to Android. At least, it worked in the simulator. However, I have not been successful in automating that. This is why it's not a feature of the Wrapping app.

I'm not sure how to help you. This is a problem. :confused:

Is an app a requirement?

It sounds like you might just be easily served by a "File > Export as HTML5 > Folder…" and putting the resulting .html file/folders up on a web server to share in a browser.

No an app is not required by thought it may be the easiest for clients to use. How would I do it with your suggestion?

…has some options.

You could also send it to them as a zip file after you export it as HTML5, or host it on a web server.