Direct linking to scenes

Hi Guys,

I wanted to use to get client feedback on our projects scenes (rather than exporting static PDFs). However, as we know the scenes are all in one html file. And using the requires URLS (for each scene/url in this case)
So… after reading about creating direct links to scenes, will this workaround work for what I need to do (ie create a unique URL for each scene?
Linking to a specific scene from inside and outside of a Tumult Hype document

Thanks in advance.

i think the problem will still exist, allthough you use checkHash.
hype creates one html-file for each document, regardless of whether how many scenes you create in one document.
as far as i read bughead changes the html-site in backend for you (am i right?) in a hype document they´d have to change the exported js-codes. maby they can.
then i would create for each html-file one document and link them together.

BugHeard responded, with a clear explanation how it works.

I will paste it below, but best work around, is to give the main layout areas (divs etc) proper ID name (from what I gather from the explanation)
I uploaded Hype generated test files online for testing on bigheard here and included the script from Hype guys so that the URL has #1 #2 appended at the end for each scene.

If anyone has any input from their response, any assistance would be appreciated.



— response from BugHeard ——

Hi Malik,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I’ve taken a look at the site in question, and I can see a few things that are causing these.

Bugherd needs to communicate with various elements on the page in order to mark exactly where the drop-pins are placed, however the ‘slides’ on this page has a multiple images that only have the ellipses between the opening and closing of the div tags. Because all the div classes marked “HYPE_element_container” have a lot of the same information (as well as having the pointer-events labelled “zero”), Bugherd can’t tell exactly what it’s supposed to be pointing to, which is why it doesn’t, and only shows the heading in the top-left corner.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please let me know and I’ll be happy to discuss this in more detail.


You might want to set up individual HTML exports to work better with Bugheard. I would be curious what would happen, though, if you embedded one of their tracking elements directly into the inner HTML of a scene (with hashed scene names enabled). Or, if you placed that code within an HTML widget.

You can set the unique element ID (as I’m sure you’re aware) for elements by selecting them, and editing the ID in the identity inspector. You can also adjust the pointer events behavior for elements in the Actions inspector. Hope that helps!