Different full page background images for each scene

I’m hoping to set up a function to change full page background images depending on the scene.

I found the full page css styling here: Modify the Background Color or Background Image of your Document
And I’m guessing it’s about using that css to style the background and use some sort of array that calls up each scene to set the desired image, but I’m quite new to javascript, so I’m sort of floundering.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

You could just scale a rectangle 100% width and height, then either use Hype to place an image or treat it like an iFrame and use CSS. No need for arrays :slight_smile:

no javascript or css necessary! in hype use a persistant symbol and uncheck the foreground-option.
full-page-background-slideshow.hype.zip (1,9 MB)


This is very helpful PapppaSmalls and strmiska! These options look promising and easier than what I was thinking. Thanks so much!