Desktop Apps with Hype and nwjs


Hello. Perhaps some know and perhaps others don’t but you can use Hype to develop desktop apps using nwjs.

Here is a list of companies using nwjs.

I just wanted to spark some ideas here because I will be using Hype for this purpose and thought some others might like to know that it is possible.

I’d like to see more cross-platform app developed with Hype.

I created a tutorial on just how easy it is:

Displaying a Tumult Hype document in a Kiosk or as an app

Interesting. I’d probably just use Xcode though. I think this is something that Tumult should just build into Hype. The project should be exportable to iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Linux. That would be less frustrating for us developer and probably lead to more sales for Tumult. It’s not hard to do, just annoying. And since it only needs to be done once, it should be automated.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to see an alternative option.

A Plugin System
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@Photics gree :grinning: @TutorialDoctor great example, very simple


Github announced Electron 1.0 today!

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I tried out Electron 1.0 with an existing Hype project. The setup was relatively straight forward and most things worked seamlessly. This is very exciting!. However, I did notice a few Hype features that didn’t immediately translate - e.g. drag & drop events.