dCam - Dynamic Hype Camera using Hype 3.5 features v1


(Lucky) #1

Hey guys,

Months ago I created an alpha for a camera object i posted on the forums

which would be able to simulate an after effects camera using hype. Well with Hype’s new functionality I got it!

Download Link (18.1 KB)

This symbol can be copy pasted into a document and as soon as it does the scene will resize itself to it’s dimensions. When you animate it the stage will animate and it uses request animation frame so that coupled with the new engine makes it very smooth to work with!

Current features:

Pan/Zoom/Rotate camera to make the stage do the same
Filter Effects
Opacity changes on it reflect the stage’s opacity
Multiple scenes are supported
it doesn’t matter which scene you place it into it will find the scene it’s in as long as the class name stays and rejigs the code.

I’m sure there are bugs still but I worked 2 months on it so far and it’s now in a stable place thanks to @jonathan’s help with the rotation i couldn’t solve before so i’m very happy and proud of it :smile:

Give it a shot and let me know your feedback!

Camera controls
Welcome on board! Please introduce yourself 🖐
(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

This is an amazingly innovative way to solve the issue of Hype not having a built-in camera object. It works extremely well and effortlessly from the perspective of an animator. When @Luckyde emailed me about it I was giddy as a schoolgirl to see Hype used in this manner. Well done!

On a side note, I noticed that the animation was exceedingly slow. I tracked it down to filter effects being applied and calculated unnecessarily. I’ve fixed this, and it will be much faster in the next beta of Hype.


Nice work @Luckyde good things do come to those that wait! So says Guiness!!


(Lucky) #4

Hahah thanks guys! Just wanna build tools to improve the base and hopefully this helps!

Oh so if i disable the webkitfilter it will run faster? I can disable them for now if it means improving the speed. Otherwise awesome, will try it in the new beta to compare!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

The problem was even where filter values are their default (even if you reset to defaults) we’d still write filter code, and it looks like WebKit instead of ignoring would spend a lot of time trying to apply them. Hype is now smarter about not applying filter CSS if it doesn’t need to be there (within the scene editor, this was not a problem in the browser). So unless you remake your elements from scratch there’s not much you can do until the new beta.

(Lucky) #6

Oh ok makes sense, cheers!

(Lucky) #7

Now that the new Hype is out everyone please feel free to use this camera! It will work in all of your files :smile:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #8

Just wanted to double endorse this project - it is trés cool.

(www.360FUN.net) #9

OMG man, this is amazing!!! :smiley:


Thanks for sharing…