Copy scenes from one doc to another


We’re trying to copy a series of scenes from one Hype 3 document to another. We’ve tried obvious things such as cut and paste and dragging but nothing worked there.

We eventually went to each scene, created a new scene in the target document and copied the elements and Pasted With Animations to ‘copy’ them across to the new document. We also have to remember to copy over ALL the timelines and create those as well.

We originally thought this is doable but it’s a pain. It’s a lot of cut and pasting and so easy to make a mistake. Also you seem to lose the timeline actions as well which means these have to be recreated.

Have we missed anything?



Here’s how to copy and paste a scene:

Select the scene in the scene selector and press ⌘ + c (or Edit + Copy).
In your other document, you can press ⌘ + v and your scene should be copied (It will appear after the current scene you’re currently viewing).

Blow me down with a feather. I could have sworn we did that and it didn’t work.

Apologies for us being stupid, however we are positive we tried all those things.