Copy between documents?

I'm a new user and still very much on a learning curve, so apologies if I'm missing something really obvious.
I'm trying to copy a vector shape from one Hype instance to another. I've tried the obvious - select the shape in the source document, do Edit: Copy, go to the scene in the destination document, do Edit: Paste, but nothing happens. Is this possible in Hype?
I also tried copy/paste for the entire scene (as per Copy scenes from one doc to another - Scenes - Tumult Forums) but could not get that to work. Or rather, it worked briefly when I tried it with a couple of test documents, but then failed to work when I tried to paste into my actual project. So far as I could see I was doing exactly the same thing on each occasion.
I'd appreciate any help. I'm very impressed with Hype so far, but have come across the occasional stumbling block, and this is one of them!
(I'm mainly a PC user, which does not help. I'm trying to convert some old Flash material, before it becomes a digital ghost in the January. I'm a bit late to that particular party, I know, but there it is ...)
Thanks, Bill H

Here's an idea for a test.

  • Create a new Hype document.
  • Make a new vector shape in that new document.
  • Make another new Hype document.
  • Copy-and-paste the vector shape into the new document.

That's what I tried... and it worked.

Also, if you look at the thread you mentioned, look at how the latest post ended off...

That sounds like a bug. There might be something screwy going on here... because I'm thinking that it should just work. I imagine when the people at Tumult wake up, they'll probably want to see your Hype document.

Did you try restarting your computer? :crazy_face:

Although, if you're comfortable sending your document to Hype, you might want to use the Help ▸ Report an Issue option. That will let you send the open documents to Hype — along with system information. If you reboot, and then the problem is fixed, the cause of the problem could remain a mystery.

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It should be as easy as this!

As @Photics said, it would be great to get a zip of your .hype document, which could be sent on the forums or via the Help > Report an Issue… mechanism.

Additionally, knowing your exacting steps to reproduce would be great -- if you can sent a screen capture using QuickTime Player's 'File > New Screen Recording' showing everything you do this would be great to see.

Additionally it would be good to know what versions of Hype and macOS you are using.

Thanks for the really quick responses.
I have shut down my computer overnight, and re-started it this morning, and the copy-and-paste between documents is now working fine!
So I guess my computer had got into some sort of tangle after several hours of use that made the Hype inter-document clipboard facility unreliable. Within-document copy-and-paste in Hype was working completely normally. The computer has plenty of memory, and I did not have a massive load of other programs open, so I'm not sure what caused the problem. I did try shutting down Hype and restarting it, but that did not help. However, I guess I should also have tried the classic "switch it off and on again" on the computer itself, since that seems to have done the trick.
I'm running Hype 4 Pro v4.1.2, the computer is a Macbook Pro with 32 GB memory running Mojave v10.14.6.
I will report back if the problem recurs later today after I've again been running Hype for a while.

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I'm glad it was resolved, but definitely weird. If you hit it again, please let us know along with sending your logs via the Help > Report an Issue… method in app. Thanks!