Copy & Paste Text - Fills Text Box with White

Hey folks…
This issue has plagued me long enough. Every time I copy text from a Hype text block, and paste that text inside the same block or a new block, I always get the text with a white background.

What is up with that?

Well,… this is somewhat embarrassing… I default to my command keys to copy paste. Just tried the EDIT > Paste with matching style, and it pastes as expected. However, trying to paste the same text inside a new text block adds the text, but the style is the default font size and color… it appears the ‘Style’ does not get pasted along with the text.

There’s might be some inline CSS in the copied text? If you select Edit > Inner HTML you might see background-color css code. If you copy text into a plain text editor to work with it and paste it back into Hype, you can avoid these issues: Working with Plain Text

Hi Daniel.
Thanks for this.

I am copying within the actual text block. Maybe I am misunderstanding… but here is a screenshot of

the EDIT > Inner HTML text prior to copy… and then after pasting bit:

  1. Editor assistance
  • Role, minor event scripting and game packs assistance/install

This creates a White background, unless I use EDIT > Paste and match style. If the CSS does not exist prior - how does it end up there after?

BTW… I am in and out of many forums every week, and you guys - even with all the activity in here, are amazing in how fast you get back and respond. Along with all the regulars, it’s such a great community.


This has happened to me also somewhat randomly - copying & pasting in the same innerHTML text block absolutely no CSS styling - just the text itself.

I have tried to reproduce this situation - but as I mention above it is sporadic.

I will send an example, etc. when it happens next.

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Sorry, this is a long time bug in Hype related to how WebKit’s content editable handles styled text copy/pasting. We have it on our radar to strip these styles. Paste and Match Style is the best workaround and the moment.