Color: rgba and transparency?


How can I set shadow color (or any other color), using rgba?

Can’t believe I’m the only one who can’t find this but there doesn’t seem to be a topic already started.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @paulzz,

You can add your own CSS stylesheet and set your colours in rgba there.

Or place the style declarations in the Head HTML.

Here is a document to help (23.5 KB)



This is on our radar – thanks for the request! For now, @DBear’s method is correct for targeting elements.


Many thanks @DBear. Muchos appreciated.

I’m trying to animate an expanding drop shadow that fades out at the end whilst still expanding, then overlaying another to create a kind of ripple effect.

Looks like I’ll have to wait for an update.



Or, is there a way to add/remove classes further along the timeline?

(james koh) #6

I am not sure I am right or wrong but if you make another object to look like drop shadow,
turn it dark, blur and change the opacity.
it looks like this.

this is gif so it might not look perfect.


This technique might help you see another way to do this (all within Hype): Create a Shadow for Images by @MarkHunte


Interesting. I guess could simply duplicate the symbol and manipulate the copy as you suyggest. Thanks


Thanks @Daniel
The shadow would have to be the lowest object as it has no transparency.