Changing extra_actions during custom exportation

Hello Support Team,

I'm using a custom export script in Python. This part add few more touch functions in HYPE directly:

def extra_actions():
return [
	{"label" : "Veeva GoToPreviousSlide Exit", "function" : "GoToPreviousSlide"},
	{"label" : "Veeva GoToSlide Exit", "function" : "com.veeva.clm.gotoSlide", "arguments":[{"label":"Go to slide : ", "type": "String"}, {"label":"Extensions : ", "type": "boolean", "val": ".xxxx"}]},
	{"label" : "Veeva GoToNextSlide Exit", "function" : "GoToNextSlide"}

What are the different options I can pass to this part of code, to:

  • Add a dropdown and not a textarea,
  • Add a predetermined value in this new field.

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Sadly, there isn't really much else except the input field. It is a standing feature request to add more options like dropdowns, checkboxes and angle/color pickers. Also, these options would be great for document arguments… specially because this would limit the possibilities for wrong inputs by users.

I explored the topic in Hype Bundles

and in

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