Car Customizer (Colors, Parts, Etc)

Hi, I wanted to know if something like this can be done with Hype Customizer, I would appreciate any help, since I have not been able to do it the same way

The simple answer is Yes it can, and probably In a few ways.

I wrote something like that a few years ago for a airplane company project but that was mostly done via PM so I cannot share it.

It is relatively easy to do in hype you just need your images to be setup right depending on the approach you take in changing the colours.
Straight/partial swap of image or hue manipulation and so on..

I think the last time something was done as an example of the forum was

The bottom two buttons do the scene change the back wall. This is just one approach and note this post was more about getting the buttons right for selection than the image change.

Quick example using Hue (134.9 KB)

Also see for the Nav/Timeline code.


Thanks MarkHunte I really appreciatte your help, is very useful :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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