Can't change video export duration on some Non-English localizations (resolved)

Hello, I’m working on a large project with a lot of scenes. When I export to movie the lenght is limited at 05:00,00 and my movie is truncated. Is it a normal limitation in Hype ?



The limit is not a hard limit – it is more of a protective measure to ensure that looping documents (which would have a time length of infinity) do not crash your computer. You can adjust the duration to be the length of your document.

How to do that ? I’ve tried to type a time amount but I can’t…

Are you on Tumult Hype 3.5.1? I’m able to adjust the duration field. Try just editing the ‘5’ value.

Yes Hype 3.5.1. I’m not able to type anything in the duration field…

Can you share your document? (Feel free to private message me)

Thanks Daniel. I can share but it’s pretty heavy, 1.45GB… It’s not for a website but a screen animation for an exhibition in our museum. I find a way partitioning the project and the scenes in 3 parts, exporting each part and edit them in Final Cut Pro X. But even with a part I was unable to change anything in the duration field. I can send you a part of the project with this same behaviour…

That would be great to see (even just a portion). I could probably help you get the file size down. What type of screen are you optimizing your video for?

Also may I ask what Museum this is for :slight_smile: ?

I can send you tomorrow a portion, about 140MB (WeTransfer ?).
The museum is the Belgian Comics Museum

Thank you !


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I have the same problem. I try to export a video of 12 minutes but it’s impossible to modify 5 minutes of default.
Can you help me?

I have Hype Pro 3.5.1



@manuel & @Hermiky: What is your Mac System language set as?

Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3


System El Capitan last update , French

This is a bug – The workaround at this time is to set your language to English for Hype to adjust the export language, or to split up your exports into 5 minute pieces.

Here are two applications for changing the language for Hype, but you can also change your default system language to English and restart Hype.

Thank you Daniel.
I already take the workaround route with the 5min split and wait until then for an update.


Ok Daniel !! :grinning:
As Manuel I hope that with next version there is a fix of this bug

Today’s update (3.5.2) fixes this issue.

Yes ! It work ! Thank you Daniel !

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