Can't change video export duration on some Non-English localizations (resolved)

(Manuel Fernandez) #1

Hello, I’m working on a large project with a lot of scenes. When I export to movie the lenght is limited at 05:00,00 and my movie is truncated. Is it a normal limitation in Hype ?




The limit is not a hard limit – it is more of a protective measure to ensure that looping documents (which would have a time length of infinity) do not crash your computer. You can adjust the duration to be the length of your document.

(Manuel Fernandez) #3

How to do that ? I’ve tried to type a time amount but I can’t…


Are you on Tumult Hype 3.5.1? I’m able to adjust the duration field. Try just editing the ‘5’ value.

(Manuel Fernandez) #5

Yes Hype 3.5.1. I’m not able to type anything in the duration field…


Can you share your document? (Feel free to private message me)

(Manuel Fernandez) #7

Thanks Daniel. I can share but it’s pretty heavy, 1.45GB… It’s not for a website but a screen animation for an exhibition in our museum. I find a way partitioning the project and the scenes in 3 parts, exporting each part and edit them in Final Cut Pro X. But even with a part I was unable to change anything in the duration field. I can send you a part of the project with this same behaviour…


That would be great to see (even just a portion). I could probably help you get the file size down. What type of screen are you optimizing your video for?

Also may I ask what Museum this is for :slight_smile: ?

(Manuel Fernandez) #9

I can send you tomorrow a portion, about 140MB (WeTransfer ?).
The museum is the Belgian Comics Museum

Thank you !


(Michele) #10

I have the same problem. I try to export a video of 12 minutes but it’s impossible to modify 5 minutes of default.
Can you help me?

I have Hype Pro 3.5.1




@manuel & @Hermiky: What is your Mac System language set as?

(Manuel Fernandez) #12

(Michele) #13

Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3


(Manuel Fernandez) #14

System El Capitan last update , French


This is a bug – The workaround at this time is to set your language to English for Hype to adjust the export language, or to split up your exports into 5 minute pieces.

Here are two applications for changing the language for Hype, but you can also change your default system language to English and restart Hype.

(Manuel Fernandez) #16

Thank you Daniel.
I already take the workaround route with the 5min split and wait until then for an update.


(Michele) #17

Ok Daniel !! :grinning:
As Manuel I hope that with next version there is a fix of this bug


Today’s update (3.5.2) fixes this issue.

(Manuel Fernandez) #19

Yes ! It work ! Thank you Daniel !