Changing Hype's default language

I just bought Hype 3 professional. My system language is Chinese, now Hype 3 pro default language is Chinese too. I wonder if is a way to switch to English? I did not find this option in Hype pro preference. I prefer to use English instead of Chinese because most of the tutorials are in English.

Please kindly provide me some help. Thanks!

I could not find a way to change the language in the program.
I am thinking they automatically detect your computer’s preferred language.
so try to go to system preferences->language & region -> choose English to primary language.
I also try to go to finder -> applications-> hype3 -> right click -> show package contents-> resources-> en.lproj folder is the english folder.
you can try to delete other lproj folders but I don’t recommend you to mass with those folders.

Here’s an app that lets you change your default language for individual applications:

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I often post screenshots and found that I want them to be in English. Until recently, I was using the app to start Hype in a specific language, but there is an effortless built-in way (at least on Big Sur).

And then just set the default language here