Cannot export any kind of video/gif


I am using Hype Pro 4.1.14 (Tumult Store).

The "Export as Movie" functionality simply does not work at all.

I have tried "Video", "Animated Gif", "Animated PNG", "PNG Sequence" and none of them work.

An empty dialog box with a loading bar (that never moves) appears with only a Cancel button and nothing happens even if I wait for hours.

At first I thought it's related to my project, but then I tried an empty project, and then a barebone project with only a single Rectangle in it with the same results...

This has been reported before apparently with no helpful response from you.

I don't have multiple monitors or any monitors as suggested in that thread, I am just using the screen on my M1 Macbook Pro, using macOS Sonoma 14.0

Please fix this problem, it makes Hype useless for me.

Edit: Right now I also tried the following command in terminal as suggested in another thread:

defaults write com.tumult.Hype4 AnimatedGIFEngine Apple

It made no difference after quitting and launching hype again and still the same results.

Hi @Bee,

Sorry you're hitting this issue. Can you get the latest point release to Sonoma? The latest is 14.1.1. Once you get the latest update can you try again?

Thank you for the very quick response @Daniel .

I just updated to 14.1.1 and still cannot export.

That's odd - a couple ideas to help us figure this out:

Can you email us a system profile @ Here's how.

And a few questions:

  • Are you using stsge manager?
  • Are you using mission control or use multiple desktops have or any apps with full screen mode?
  • Are you using Sidecar?
  • Do you use any window management tools?


To answer your questions:

  • Are you using stage manager? No I don't, I enabled it to try now and it didn't solve the issue
  • Are you using mission control or use multiple desktops have or any apps with full screen mode? I did have 2 desktops and use mission control, I removed the second one, relaunched hype and the issue persists
  • Are you using Sidecar? No
  • Do you use any window management tools? No I don't use window management apps, and also the only apps I had running in last test were "LittleSnitch firewall", "Alfred", "1Password", "New File Menu (from AppStore)" and my browsers

I'll send the system profile later as well.

Thanks for the additional information. We've gotten an uptick in reports of the video export failing, but haven't yet been able to track down any new causes. A system profile would be most useful.

  1. Go to the /Applications/Utilities/ folder and open the System Information application
  2. Make sure it is showing the Full information - If the File menu shows "Show More Information" choose that, otherwise you're good
  3. Choose 'File > Save' to save it somewhere (like your desktop), and then attach this file to an email to