Can i use link in the text area?

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hi, i’m using hype, and i have a menu like a website, my project isn’t a website but i need a menu, i made a text area with scroll but i don’t know how put links, can anyone help me?


Hi Marcos!

Please post an example of your Hype project that shows what You are trying to do.

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this it’s my example, i have a menu and it’s whit scroll, but i don’t know how put links in the menu.


Hi Marcos!

Thank You for posting a project example. However, based on what I saw in your example, I can not tell where You wish to link to… another web page; another Scene in the same Hype document; another Scene in a different Hype document, etc.

So what follows is a generic, basic description of linking to another web page; plus links for two posts about this topic on the Forum.

Also, I noticed You have MicroSoft Office tags in your innerHTML. Unless You have a specific use for these tags~code (including all the green text in the innerHTML) I would remove them; it will just confuse things.

Example MicroSoft code~tags (in bold, italic):
<p class="MsoNormal">3.6.10 Referencias <o:p></o:p> < /p>

Demo Project here: (16.0 KB)

The code is just like for any other HTML document. Just below is the innerHTML of the text element “Text link” in my Demo project:

<p><a class="textLink1" href="">Tumult</a></p>
<p><a class="textLink1" href="">Apple Macintosh</a></p>
<p><a class="textLink1" href="">CNN</a></p>

The anchor tag, inside the paragraph tag, surrounds the text used in the links (“Tumult”; “Apple Macintosh”; & “CNN”). The class “textLink1” is used to style the link and is in the “Head HTML”:

In Hype the addition of “!important” after each property is required.

Here are some posts regarding linking in Hype… these are a good place to begin.
You can also search for “linking”, “links”, etc. in the Hype Forum for additional input.

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Awesome, really helped me, I needed to link to another scene and with the forums that you gave me i learned, your example was very illustrative, I am very grateful, thank you very much.


You’re Welcome - glad You found your solution!

(Marcos perez) #7

hi jim, I have used the information, and can link to another scene but i have a problem, the function is occupied for the entire text area. can you help me?
Sin tí (196.9 KB)


Hi Marcos!

I am not understanding what You mean by “the function is occupied for the entire text area”.

The paragraphs are set to respond to the mouse click, which is what I thought You wanted. The actual text block element (aside from the paragraphs) does not respond to a mouse click.

What else are You are trying to do - or don’t want to happen - in the text area?

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That was really useful thank you Jim! :slight_smile: