Can a object do multiple animations but not in the same time

I need help ,

i created different circles of colour and used different timelines but i wanted this purticular object to add these animations but at different times.!


for example i wanted the purple rectangle to start animations of purple circle for all the rooms but at different times
is there any way i can do that , or all has to be together

Not sure, if I understand you right. But - you could start a “control”-Timeline by clicking the purple square. The control-Timeline starts the other timelines with timeline actions. You can place this timeline actions where ever you want - so the animations will start at different times. (13.9 KB)


that exactly simliar what i wanted so basically iw anted that when i click the bedroom and click the purple light i want the purple light for the bedroom only and not the other room purple lights and same thing for other rooms and the other colors
is this same thing for that

Ok, that´s a complete different story and needs a little bit of scripting. Can you send your Hype file? Makes things easier…

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ok sure umm but do i do that

cause i am new to this software and i unable to use so much of this features

how do i send it

i can send u the file throug email what is ur email

Just use the upload button as you can see in the screenshot. Best is to zip the hype file first.

how do u zip it

sorry i am asking too many questions i dont know how to use this software well (979.5 KB)

is this ok ?

Yep! :slight_smile:

yai, i need one more help i need to know how to add a counter to the temperature scene as i tried to add a java script for the counter but it is not coming

ummhow do i do the jave scripting for the collred boxes and the counter cause i am confused < are you doing it for me or how do i do it ??

Uii - lot of work ahead… :slight_smile: Just to show you some principles: Give the color-buttons an ID, that represents the first part of the matching timeline, same with the room-buttons for the second part. Click on room-button defines the room, click on color-button defines color and starts the corresponding timeline.
You put a lot of effort by building all that timelines. I would probably reduce the amount of timelines - just one per room and recolor the bulbs by script…

The counter does work now - you forgot to call the “initiate” function. It´s startet now on scene load (962.7 KB)

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umm how do i update my hype

its aying tht it is bulit eith a new version