Can a object do multiple animations but not in the same time

(Meghana Murthy) #21

i am unable to download it

(Kalle) #22

Sorry, i used the wrong version of Hype… wait a moment.

(Meghana Murthy) #23

ok will wait

(Kalle) #24 (969.0 KB)

(Meghana Murthy) #25

thank u

(Meghana Murthy) #26

hiow do i write the script for ching the color of the light

(Meghana Murthy) #27

oh i got it thanks

(Meghana Murthy) #28

umm sorry to disturb you how do i intiate it to start the java script ?

(Meghana Murthy) #29

i removed the extra timeline and i added the color id and the room id and i have only the timelines for each of the room but how do i start it , i am really confused cause i dont know how to use java and the software

(Meghana Murthy) #30

i am so lost

(Meghana Murthy) #31

and how do i recolor using the script ?

(Mark Hunte) #32

Have you read any of the documentation
which will explain how to use Hype itself , the Javascript functions and also how to change properties with the Hype Javascript API.

The docs are well laid out so should give you a head start to where we can help you with the nitty gritty stuff.

(Meghana Murthy) #33

i did but i am not able to understand it cause i never used java until now so i am o confused

(Meghana Murthy) #34

because as the other person told me i have to change . the id pf the color and then have to change the id of the room . i did that then i have to add timelines just for each of the room and then choose the room for define room and then choose the color for start light and then chnage the light using the script i am just not able to understand the last part

(Mark Hunte) #35

Can you post the project with your changes

(Meghana Murthy) #36

ok one moment

(Meghana Murthy) #37

and also i dont know how to start it

(Meghana Murthy) #38 (941.0 KB)

(Meghana Murthy) #39

@MarkHunte here you go (941.0 KB)

(Meghana Murthy) #40

but i am so confused how to do change it and start it can u show me one example so that can do the rest