C1ic HOOPS - one button toy

I was just playing with physics, I start to adding shapes and a ball, playing around with forces and moving objects and end up with this little toy, I really like the result and I decided to publish it on my site, I add a single button to shoot.

I hope yo like it.


I start a pinball game, I hope to have it soon!


Wow, that works really well! Are you going to add basket detection/counting/timer? :smiley:

Well, difficult to know because I was just playing around, but maybe. Altough every time I have a work call I'm shooting some hoops while talking.

The other reason is that I started a game called "Little Hoopers" with pixel art and the character can shoot and score from long distances.

And the testing in HOOPS was because I'm also making a pinball game (Making too many games at the same time LOL).

I'll figure out how to make a good collision detection to score in HOOPS and then YES, I'll add more features to make it a game and not just a toy.