Buttons with visibility keyframes

Hi all,
I'm creating an interactive Video. Something like Netflix Bandersnatch, but for kids.
I have many visible buttons that do different things, like go back to the main menu or jump to a specific time in the video. All the buttons work fine and do what they are supposed to do.
The problem I have is with the buttons that have visibility keyframes (should be visible in certain time in the video). They work fine if you watch the whole video, but they stop working if you press the button goToTimeInVideo.

What is the problem? I appreciate any help.

Sounds like an awesome project!

It is probably hard to exactly pin down the issue without seeing your doc. Would it be possible to post a zip of your .hype document, or at least a small sample that demonstrates the problem along with the steps to reproduce it?

On a broader note, given you already seam to have your setup running. Have you looked at Twine (with Sugarcube) and one of my oldest extensions? If not for you maybe for somebody going down the interactive story route

Another project I started integrating, but never released was the inkle engine, see inklewriter