Hype and Twine, possible match?

I was wondering if anyone ever tried to match Hype with Twine, that simple tool to create interactive fictions (http://twinery.org).
A mix between them could allow, for example, triggering an animation or a script from a Twine story link.
Any thoughts about this ?

The concept is very appealing. Reminds me of the role playing books of the 80ties. Would be a interesting match.

I haven’t looked into twinery, but a friend created an interactive fiction language called kni and we hashed out together in the past all the proper endpoints that could be used for integration. I think he may have done a rough test, but we both got distracted and never got to a real implementation. I’d still like to come back to that!

Kni looks interesting but I like Twine having a graphic interface really useful to keep track of the story structure. It also has many functions using variables.

This thread is surprising to me.

  1. Are interactive fiction stories really that popular?
  2. Hype itself can be used to create interactive fiction stories. That was the point of the “Book” template… https://photics.com/free-template-tuesday-14-tumult-hype-book/ …which is a basic version of what was used for Revisions… https://photics.com/books/revisions/

Aside from the flowchart, what does Twine do?

You don’t need to write any code to create a simple story with Twine, but you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript when you’re ready.

All of that is possible with Hype. “Revisions” uses Variables, Conditionals, CSS and JavaScript. I suppose if I used lots of images, I’d probably have less trouble getting the app approved. HA HA. :smirk:

I did have some trouble using Hype for this. With lots of scenes, the app started to slow down. Also, making changes to more than one scene at a time was impossible. So, I had to manually make changes with each of the more than 100 scenes – not fun!

Hey Michael,

I hadn’t heard about your template and gave it a look. It’s nice and interesting, that’s great work) but as you stated, you have to deal with as many scene than you have chapters. I’m not sure I’ll be able to be able to deal with it. Twine would allow to embed the whole story into a single scene with some animations or scene changes when needed. And also, I already have my work into twine format and wouldn’t want to start all of it again.

My only need with twine, so far, is being able to import a story into Hype (that’s easy) but I’ll need this story to communicate with hype JS and timelines.

My strategy when contemplating kni integration was more that Hype could be used as visual setup and the renderer of scenes (like a template), but would ultimately be driven by kni/the story environment. This would get around some of these current scaling issues. It sounds like this is the approach @kerguelen is also taking?

One of our goals was that you’d be able to label specific elements via class names or give certain scene names for particular environments, then glue code could associate the Hype template scenes with what to show and fill in any blanks.

Taking this further, the goal was to also make an Export Script that would glue them together.

(P.S. As a kid I was using HyperStudio (a HyperCard clone) making “escape from middle school” interactive fiction so there’s a soft spot for me personally, and those experiences did inform the design of Hype!)

Yes, @jonathan. I was mainly thinking Hype could be an interpreter/parser for Twine generated story. One scene, one script to interpret the story and the ability not only to play Twine game but to let it send instruction to the Hype document.
There is something here about using javascript in Twine, maybe it can help :

You request and I deliver, Master” said the small dwarf and walked into his messy workshop. If you listened carefully you could hear him banging away at wood with the occasional screeching of bending metal. After that some days of silence followed and then the dwarf reemerged from his little dungeon holding a shiny object reflecting the sun in all the colors of the rainbow. In the shimmering reflection you could make out some letters on the surface in an ancient language… “Hy… Hype… Twine… Stage”