Bone rigging tool for animating characters

This would really round-out the ability to keep all animation work native in Hype, and make character work much more efficient.

Something similar to how Character or Spine handles the bones/rigging.


Yes, I agree this would be awesome! Thanks!

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I think distort transform and easily swapping images/ symbols on key should be a sooner thing since bone tools don’t really work that great in a lot of 2d software (cough flash, toomboom).
But the ability to swap character assets e.g. arms/ face shapes - bitmaps or svgs as well as distorting imagery on keys would make me transition a lot on things from flash png sequences to straight hype! And would allow for the creation of html versions of things like

You can always the distort and symbol tools to create bones, but the ability to replace and morph on the fly would be a great first step :slight_smile:

Can you clarify your request this? You can’t currently swap symbols, but you can swap background images by setting a keyframe (or via record) for the Background Image property and then hitting ‘Choose’ in the background image part of the Element Inspector. Thanks!

I’m ok with LuckyDesi, it would be great to distort an image, and can replace free formats ! … that miss a lot when you’re accustomed photoshop.

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I saw an intro to crazytalk animation 3, if something like this was possible making interactive live animation would be brilliant. If you guys ever plan to do the bone tool and some more animation specific tools please let us know.

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I would use something like it if it was in Hype, for sure!

Yep that’s correct but if you could swap with symbols and allow for swapping at symbol frames e.g.
Head swap for head_3/4 at frame 2 you could do very complex animation without having to draw in hype. It’s nice that you can swap with image assets but if I could organise those assets into a symbol then call for the symbol on key frame and then set that symbols time to the one which displays the right image I want I can control everything I like and still keep the symbol as the master reference.

And further if you could distort symbols if there’s any cross browser way to distort them that would be amazing

I saw this thread... Motion of interconnected objects ...which reminded me of this thread... Hype Featured on the Mac App Store ...which mentions this hyper link...

...and then I was wondering if this "Feature Request" is already on the list. That's when I found this thread. :smile:

Arise from your 629 day slumber!

Ideally, it would be great to setup characters like puppets. Then you could just grab an element / body part and move the character around.

If Hype did this, then I'm not sure that I would need CrazyTalk Animator. CrazyTalk Animator has lip-synch, but I think I could do that programmatically with JavaScript.

I've been waiting to see if CrazyTalk Animator 3 goes on sale again.

It recently went up in price. :scream_cat:

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I like the Idea of bone rigging and being able to animate in hype much like in CrazyTalk Animator 3.3

Video Walkthrough

For more Tutorial Videos

Interestingly enough an App ‘Creature’ allows for a creation rigging and can be exported via HTML5 and WebGL

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Yes it would be nice!
we have already discussed this software in the forum. It is a software for character animation and does not have many of the Hype features. Your “idea” involves very long development times and is possible in the coming years. We hope :slight_smile:

You are right, but its not as hard as it may seem. A Korean developer already has an app called Creature that allows for bone rigging and exports as HTML, WebGL Animations see below

And did you ask the Korean developer about how easy it was to create this?

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Thanks for the feedback; the upcoming vector shapes of v4 is a brick along such a path.


@daniel, I was just basing it on the idea of Hype being half way there in terms of the UI. Looking how hype interacts with Physics, Waypoints .Js

Libraries creature exports

All I’m saying is, Hype is a great example of an amazing looking app the UI is just right or maybe Im use to it that I’d want to use for something like this and I’d pay an additional $50 just to see this the interaction in hype. Im sure others would agree with me on this.


Are you a software developer? before talking about money you should know how much it costs to develop such a thing;

Moreover, to make an animation like in the example, in reverse kinematics, it is necessary to be quite experienced. How many users have knowledge of direct and incidental cimenics (even in an environment with physics?) The same number of users that makes infographics and websites?

The purpose of the tumult is to provide useful tools for infographics and web development. The program you propose has another cost and a very specific vocation.

I repeat it again, your idea is interesting but does not cost €/£/$ 50 and is not now.

Take a look at the potentials of Hype4 beta, focus on that and prove to be a good HTML5 developer;

Look out Trump, someone else is building a wall. :laughing:

Seriously, this is good news.

I think your misunderstanding the scope of what I’m saying. Hype is a magnificent app when it comes to Hype’s UI and its Functions lets get that out of the way. Secondly, when I said I was going to pay an additional $50 if the devs over @tumult consider any future upgrades not necessarily 4 maybe 4.5 or 5 or 5.5 release with the ability of rigging. This was not to say upcoming Hype 4 is not worthy of an upgrade.

Potentials? This is a feature request, meaning not tagged for Hype Beta 4. As for Hype 4, the beta rollouts are rolling out fast to address bugs. I think @jonathan and team are doing a great job at that.

Thats not entirely it, there are plenty of Illustrators that would love to have this as part of Hype. To be able to animate their Illustrations, export videos for IOS games and the list goes on. Take Adobe Animate /Flash, it has it has something like this its called ‘Bone Tool’.

Im far from being a developer. However, I do know the libraries are available to make these animations from scratch. Im not sure how long it took @jonathan and team over tumult to inject Physics and earlier in the day Waypoints. As for the time it took to inject it in to hypes probably sometime but I wouldn’t say it was a rewrite of the entire program more of a modification as the UI is already there to support future libraries give or take.

I can assure you that adding the Physics API to Hype added a HUMUNGOUS amount of complexity to Hype.

Just go try it… …I’ve tried to add matter.js manually to a project. There were a lot of problems. That’s without integrating the code into the Hype app itself… very VERY complicated.

But in general, Tumult Hype is the HTML5 replacement for Flash. What does Hype need to completely replace what Flash did back in its heyday? Aside from Joints / Bone Tool (what we’re discussing here), better audio control, and a stupid easy vector graphics editor, Hype is essentially superior to Flash.

I don’t think Flash had a built-in Physics engine either. So, Hype could be very powerful.

There’s no sense in debating though. It looks like Tumult has this feature on their radar.

I understood well

you have to consider the complexity of the development and the percentage of user use. If the percentage is 5% in the first year for character animation, can you ask 50% more than the price? this is a naive reasoning.

your proposal is right but premature; The animation of characters is a great idea and I hope that we can do it in Hype, one day, but for now Hype 4 offers powerful tools for comix, try yourself with the morphing of shape and lines.

There is a long list of improvements and features that have priority. If you really care about the development of Hype consult the forum and read all the comments and discussions made.