Blinking cursor effect



Totally new to this community.
I want to make a “typewriter” effect so basically how to create a “blinking cursor” effect that follows the type as its written.


(Steve Warby) #2

Don’t know if your into going yet just found this :slight_smile:


Steve Warby



Its my third week as a Web Designer student and just had my first lesson in Hype.
I’ll definitely have a look into it. Thank you so much!

(Mark Hunte) #4

Here is an adoption from my simple code

Type with (45.3 KB)

v2 (slight update in example. Also changed the text element size to be a little taller to stop the text jumping on the page)

Type with cursor.hype (45.5 KB)

Typewriter effect in Hype
Retro Typography
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(Pete) #5

Good one!