Best video output for Hype II if using After Effects CC?

(sam1) #1

Looking to export a video sequence in AE CC (latest Version) and I’m wondering what your guys suggestions would be for an output.


I recommend doing a screencast with Quicktime – this will give you the highest quality video which you can import into AE. From quicktime, you could either work with the .mov format, or export a new .mp4 file. I’m pretty sure AE accepts both.

Because screencasting + animating can be a computationally difficult process, I recommend closing everything but Hype, Safari and Quicktime when you do the recording. In Quicktime, click File > New Screencast.


@AngryYeti To clarify a bit:

Hype does export straight to video, and you will probably get get great results using that method: File > Export as Video > Movie.

If you do see any issues, please let us know. A screen cast using Quicktime is another way to capture your animation and produces a larger video file size.

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I think I may have been misinterpreted.

What would be the best way to export a file from AE so that it will nest well into Hype, so same question i guess, but other way around.

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Typically web videos need three formats (mp4, ogv, webm), though you can do the conversion outside of AE. Please see our documentation on adding video.

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Thanks guys, ill let you know how everything works out :slight_smile:


Did everything work out well here?