(beginner question) animation works in hype but not in browser preview

I’m learning Hype and trying to create a map of cities which will display info for cities when there is a mouse over. I’ve started with two cities but there will be more and I want the information to be invisible at start and then to appear with a mouse over action and then disappear with mouse out. I don’t want the info to be played in a set sequence, but to be completely user determined. I don’t know if I’m on the right track. And, the info for the second city doesn’t display at all. It seems to work when I play it in Hype but it doesn’t work in preview in a browser.

I asked a question about this recently and got this start from one of the responses. The forum member sent an example and his had two timelines, the “main” and one called “reveal”. I didn’t do that - maybe that is part of the problem? Do I need multiple timelines?

I’ve looked around the other posts and still can’t figure it out. I’ve attached the file and would appreciate any help.

ServiceMap2 2.hype.zip (2.0 MB)

you had a couple of issues, one being that the jpg is over the buttons so you couldn’t select them, but you were on the right track.
The animation was playing automatically which will happen when you’re animating on the main timeline.

ServiceMap2 2.hype 2.zip (2.0 MB)
Will fix that

However yeah as you said if you do it in multiple timelines it will be way easier as it will be asyncronous and they don’t play by themselves.
So you can keep making timelines for every section and have the main timeline be clean so you can use it to organise things together.

ServiceMap3.zip (2.0 MB)
But there are many many ways to do the different sections.
Overall however timelines will be one of the best ways.
In my example i have the timeline of the section playing, and then on roll out it goes back to time 0 of those specific timelines and pause.

Does that help?


That helps a lot. Thanks so much,

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