Autoplay mp3 - Mockup ad

Hello all, This may have been answered so I apologize, but I only post this as its kind of urgent and Im in a bit of a crunch to get a quick mockup made for an ad. I am just doing a 15sec. animation that I need some background music (just something as simple as an mp3) and I need it to autoplay as the ad plays. For example: like a pre-load YT ad. Is this something thats an easy solution or is it going to involve a bunch of code? (something Im trying to avoid)?
So my question is just mainly:

1: Ts this possible/allowed? (I know I skimmed past a conversation that mentioned a “ban” on autoplay).
2: Can anyone point me in the direction of a GOOD step X step, or video tutorial that I can get this working?

Again, apologies for the rushed questions. Any help is much appreciated!

It is possible to provide the user with the indication that audio can be unmuted, but you can’t autoplay audio on the web unless they did something (clicked on a ‘play’ button for example, or clicked a :mute: icon of some sort).

This is how most ads will appear these days which have audio: a video will be playing, and there will be some sort of ‘unmute’ button on the ad itself. There isn’t a workaround for this. (And personally I’m happy about this as a user of the internet)

Yes, this makes sense (and yes I agree being a user its much less annoying), but how about a YT preload ad in which have audio? Like if I were to create something in hype and just export as a video? Is there a way I can add audio to a Hype file for exporting the final file as a mp4?

Ps. Thanks for your quick response!

It’s easy to get video out of Hype (File > Export as Movie > Video) – getting an audio track overlaid on video would require one extra step: Exporting Video with Sound - Creating a Screencast