App Not centered on iPhone 11 on Xcode Simulator

I’ve created an app on Xcode using WKWebView and when I test on the simulator it works perfectly fine on iPhones and iPads, except on iPhone 11. On those devices (Max, Plus) the app is not full size. I have “Cover Notches” selected on my Hype document, and on Xcode it requires Full Screen.

Unfortunately I do now own any iPhone X or 11 to test or a real device, but it makes me nervous that on the simulator it looks off.

Have a look here:


I can’t thank you enough! Yes, that post with the suggested tweaks to the WKWebView solved the problem.

Thanks again!

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You're welcome.

Could you please show me how you did this in Xcode. I'm experiencing the same problem, but can't fix it.

I already had the AllowFileAccessFromFileURLs set to true in my WKWebViewController file. This is my code:

wconfiguration.mediaTypesRequiringUserActionForPlayback = []
wconfiguration.setValue(true, forKey: “_allowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs”)

And then I opened the the HYPE-670.full.min.js and replaced file:// with filewhatever:// (I literally called it filewhatever, it just needs to be different than file:)

And that fixed it

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Thanks for your answer, but it doesn’t work for me.

Xcode 11.5

I’m not a swift guy, but it looks like the problem is last quote is a smart quote. Try pasting:

wconfiguration.setValue(true, forKey: "_allowUniversalAccessFromFileURLs")
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It’s in the details my dear Watson!
Thank you.

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