App built with Tumult Hype (no code)

Sign language Setting It is a sign language configuration platform that can create a variety of signs without any limitations. Intended for anyone (family members, teachers, speech therapists, animators, sign language specialists, sign interpreters, writers, video editors, etc) who does not know how to draw confidently and want to create projects including sign language. For example: storybooks, vocabulary activities, posters, magazines, videos, social networks, t-shirts, WhatsApp and much more with and endless range of practical applications. It is also possible to modify the colour of the eyes, skin, hair and even move your hands, anything you can imagine... Easy! Isn't it?


A very interesting App. Congratulations on the result.

That's fantastic - it is great to see Hype being used for this :slight_smile:.

WOW, Neat! nice app.

Está genial! Felicidades.