Apex Charts in Hype

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ApexCharts.hype.zip (16,4 KB)

Getting started and a link to this open-source chart library:

Adds around 400kb, so not the smallest library, but very feature rich.


it's a good one :slight_smile: and once cached ... :slight_smile:

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Comes with easy localization (loaded or directly integrated through a JS object):

Ready-made language files can be found here:

Get inspired through examples

the output simply feels good. responsiveness, functionality and usability are stunning.

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Totally agree @h_classen, and you can easily combine it with Hype Action Events to trigger stuff by just forwarding the Apex events to Hype Action Events … in this case, we are forwarding a marker click to data-apex-marker-click-action

Download example:
Example_using_Apex_Charts_with_Hype_Action_Events.hype.zip (21,5 KB)

you can combine different charttypes. in this case csatter and line ...


:+1: That is great… and your project is really nice! I now remember seeing it. It made me aware that the example above was visually impaired by the protection from outside styles, so I removed that. Example above was updated.