Any free Linux sites that I can host my hype files on?

I’m scaling back from my paid website to free sites like artstation but I need a free ftp host for my Flash, Hype and Edge Animate files that I can link into. I know about dropbox but would like some other alternatives. Thanks for any suggestions.

I’m not sure about free+linux, but there are some alternatives discussed here (either free or cheap):

There are also video tutorials on that thread for NearlyFreeSpeech and github pages.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the response and link.

Note: My problem isn’t just Hype specific.

I got all these .swfs and Adobe Edge Animate, HTML and HTML 5 that I’m trying to park somewhere as portfolio examples.

Your “Small Victories” tip looks promising, will try that out.

I did find a goDaddy 99¢ a month linux site.

Thanks again,


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