Animated explainer videos for youtube?

Hello everyone,

Hype to me seems like a great software, and some of the things everyone is creating looks great!! However, I’ve noticed most of the animations everyone is creating is in HTML and has no sound.

I know it is probably possible, but is it efficient to be creating animations that go for over 5 minutes in Hype, and then exporting it into a video format and uploading them onto something like youtube?

Would i be better off using a software more specifically built for creating videos rather than using hype 3 to try and do the same?

Also, is there a way to add sound into these videos on hype without the use of another video editing software?

Many thanks in advance!

videoexport excludes audio.

videoexport including audio would be a great featurerequest! :slight_smile:

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I would vote for using a motion graphics program ~ or similar category ~ for producing your video.

The main value of using Hype would be its interactive capabilities, something You apparently would not be using.

I think this thread downplays the current usefulness of Hype for making the type of motion graphics used in these explainer videos. To prove it, I made a quick & dirty video clip using Hype 4 to illustrate some of the possibilities. Check out the revised video here.



Wow, fantastic explainer video!

Would you be willing to share the .hype doc?

Also... is that your voice? It is ridiculously clean and spoken with near digital perfection, but I'd be darned if it isn't a human :slight_smile:.

My words but sadly not my speaking voice.

Here is a sample Hype file from one of the scenes in the video. (118.5 KB)

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Very good video. I completely agree. I like the solution of the arm gradient.

I'm using Hype to make whiteboard videos and it's much more flexible than the trendy programs with pre-made templates. Yes, it's faster if you use their models, but for more personalized videos the best option I have found has been Hype.

I still have to finish mine, it's a personal project about a university job and I'm doing it in my spare time.

When I have finished it I will show the result.

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Awesome - thanks for sharing that!

Also, have you thought about uploading the video to youtube? It may be easier to share/show others that way.

Good idea! I have posted a more detailed version there. The revised link is in the OP.

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