Animated explainer videos for youtube?

Hello everyone,

Hype to me seems like a great software, and some of the things everyone is creating looks great!! However, I’ve noticed most of the animations everyone is creating is in HTML and has no sound.

I know it is probably possible, but is it efficient to be creating animations that go for over 5 minutes in Hype, and then exporting it into a video format and uploading them onto something like youtube?

Would i be better off using a software more specifically built for creating videos rather than using hype 3 to try and do the same?

Also, is there a way to add sound into these videos on hype without the use of another video editing software?

Many thanks in advance!

videoexport excludes audio.

videoexport including audio would be a great featurerequest! :slight_smile:

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I would vote for using a motion graphics program ~ or similar category ~ for producing your video.

The main value of using Hype would be its interactive capabilities, something You apparently would not be using.