Allow Desktop PWA's

Another followup to this thread is this article. I don’t totally agree with all said in the article but it brings up some interesting points around Catalyst, PWA’s and the dominance of cross platform web apps. Even though Hype is Mac only we are essentially creating cross platform stuff. Wonder where we finally land with Hype when PWA’s are support in the future. Maybe even a “wrapping” solution like Flotato… out of the box.

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Thanks for sharing these – fascinating stuff!

For those who’re interested in learning more about PWAs, there’s an excellent example here: - PWA example (works offline, can install to home screen) (technical walkthrough)

For Hype users, who I’m guessing aren’t looking to build database-driven apps, just simple interactive ones, “PWA” seems to be mostly about two things:

  • working offline (using ServiceWorkers)
  • full screen experience like a native app (no browser address bar visible)

For my own projects, I’ve managed to get full screen working with the following code in a manifest.json file:

First add this to your page’s section

<link rel="manifest" href="manifest.json">

Create a text file titled manifest.json and paste in the following

  "short_name": "My App",
  "name": "My App's Full Name",
  "icons": [
      "src": "favicon.ico",
      "sizes": "64x64",
      "type": "image/png"
  "start_url": "index.html",
  "display": "fullscreen",
  "orientation": "portrait"

Finally, there are libraries like Screenfull JS that give you cross-browser compatibility for full screen functionality. I believe it works on everything but iOS Safari.


@rafic20 Do you maybe have a working sample that I, and others interested in creating stand alone Hype creations can pull apart?

I’m really interested in this, (especially if it can work cross platform) but i just don’t seem to “get it”:exploding_head:. Maybe something I can “pull apart” provides me with that “eureka!”:star_struck: moment.

Some more ressources

And a nice read from a mailining list

Any time now :grinning::


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Latest developments and updates around the topic. Hope Hype get’s onboard supporting this as much as possible! Even though it works best on androind for now…

If you take anything from the video … this is a great way to allow custom installs:

Disable default installer and capture event for later

Example to trigger installer

This is what iOS supports might look like…