Allow Desktop PWA's

(Loves Hype) #1

You can now create PWA’s with Desktops. Would be great if Hype 4.x supports them too.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Yup! I need to investigate more, but it looks like we’ll be replacing the cache.manifest and home screen app buttons with PWA functionality for a future (post v4.0.0) release.


Perhaps this is something that be scripted, with Export Scripts. :thinking:

I’m a bit skeptical of this technology though. I don’t trust Google. Are there any privacy issues here? Meanwhile, I don’t like Apple’s walled garden, so this is interesting.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

It definitely could be, but will eventually be obsoleted by built-in support. Of course if there are special PWA needs that Hype’s generic version can’t solve or immediate needs then go for it :slight_smile:.

PWAs aren’t a specific technology owned by anyone; it is a set of standardized web technologies that together can allow an OS to better present a page as a stand alone app. Hype will probably only be utilizing the offline (manifest/serviceworker) and home screen app portions to start.


Does this render apps obsolete? Does it render Wrapping obsolete?

Seems like the answer is yes.

…but it seems browser dependent. No?

I suppose then it matters which browser you choose to build the PWA, no?

This looks like a big change in the way the web works.

(Loves Hype) #6

PWA don’t need to go necessarily through any “build” process… they are “just” a webpage with some additional Meta that allows the installation onto the home screen. Basically the feature “add to home screen” on Safari since back in the days but it has some more capabilities now (Workers etc.). Not many on iOS as Apple certainly sees this as a sort of side loading… more on Chrome/Android. But as always the smallest denominator with the biggest reach will rule the space hence Apple.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #7
  • Safari for the desktop doesn’t have a feature to convert a page to a “.app” application. Chrome 73 does though (I have not tried it yet).
  • Wrapping makes an Xcode project right? In a simple case it may not be as needed, but in more complex cases where a user wants native app functionality around it or to sell via Mac App Store then Wrapping would still be useful.

Only to the same degree web pages are browser dependent.