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There are many free templates here โ€” Free Hype Templates ๐Ÿ— โ€” but it looks like there's a demand for more advanced Hype templates. Is that true?

Does 25 Hype Templates For $25 Sound Good To You?
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As an example, a photo game was requested here... Hype Examples? - Hidden Objects In Picture Game ...and a โ€œ3D object manipulatorโ€.

If you want to request a template, you can post a reply in this thread.

The key number is 25. If 25 people show interest in this project, then I'll probably start working on this project โ€” 25 Advanced Templates For Hype available for $25. (How do you show interest? Like the second post in this thread.)

The idea is to try to launch it on the Mac App Store (USA) and also launch it like A Book About Hype on Etsy.

Template Ideas

  1. Easter Egg Hunt

NOTE โ€” Template ideas are just considerations right now. The final list may change. Also, if you request a template, you do so without compensation or a guarantee that the template will be included in the collection of templates.

As a general guide, I'd like to avoid third-party libraries for this project, which means that something involving 360ยฐ seems unlikely for this collection.

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If this idea sounds good to you, and you want to be notified when this project is available, like this post. :heart:


Please include me in this idea. I can share more project ideas in the future as others show their support.

Patrick McLean


The best part of what I've been doing are what your templates have added: eyeballs that move with the mouse for my lobster larvae, the puzzle for my jellyfish lifecycle and the magnifying glass.
I am happy to pay!
Zooplankton in Hype