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(Dennis van Leeuwen) #1

Since we have the 25th of May 2018 behind us. We also need to add more choices to online banners. They call it: WebChoices - AdChoices. Here one can choose from many options to select what kind of advertisements you want to pop up on your screen.

The visual element is iframe injected as a small Icon-set. Every online banner (creative) has one and therefore you must take it into account while designing your creatives.

I took the liberty of generating one such an Icon-set in Sketch (for all who want to download see the link below).
With that, I also generated a Hype MouseOver preview (top right corner on each Creative). On presenting your Creatives this previews helps in showing your costumers the design would have a flaw if the top right corner is used.

Init preview:


Options: the font used in the Sketch document is Arial, so each person can change the text to its own language.
The guideline is found here.

I hope this helps the Hype community.

Cheers, Dennis (15.5 KB) (22.5 KB) (89.4 KB) (3.8 KB)

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(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

That’s great, thanks for posting this resource!

(Also FYI, the preview link does not work) (edit: is fixed now)

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #3

Why oh why… I am phoning with my provider. All websites are offline.

I updated the link. But still all websites are offline.

Update 2:
All is up and running again. @jonathan you need to delete your Preview link or update it with mine. I could make a redirect, but this would be easier.

(lee) #4

So this is an example to help show what area will be hidden when finally published? The hover just to help show the whole advert / what it will look like once live? ( This is very helpful! )

The AdChoices site, is this so we can choose to stop seeing the same adverts we have seen before? Help to see more of a range of creatives?

Sorry if I am being stupid :stuck_out_tongue: