A page of fun short ANIMATED VIDEOS created in Tumult Hype!

This is a page of commercial and experimental videos.
Each video was entirely animated in Tumult Hype.
(all videos contain music added in Protools.)
Thanks - Bob M




Wow, those are great videos! Do you have any .hype documents you might be willing to share to view some of your construction (and perhaps for our gallery)? Maybe something fun like the hoodo ad?

Jonathan - thank you for responding.

Attached are a few Hype documents. The Hoodo ad is titled "Match".
Some of these contain clip art owned by the client,
so I would hope these are only shared within the Forum.

Thanks for all your help in the past
Bob M

[files removed]


Awesome, thanks for sharing here at the very least!

That's some clever stuff using Hype Bob, My favorites are that mummy vodka one very funny, metro specially those interchanging deco patterns very expressive stuff, thank you for sharing.

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