📘 A Book About Hype 4 — Now Available At Lemon Squeezy

A Book About Hype 4 is now back online…

I'm testing out a new service called “Lemon Squeezy”, which is designed to make-commerce easy. The book is available as an ePub. It's listed significantly cheaper than it was previously at Etsy. Although, the templates are not included. (They're still available for download at Photics.com though!)

The book was updated to version 2.7, which is a minor update. If you have the previous version, you probably don't need the updated version. The idea was to wait until the next major version of Hype to relaunch the book, but I don't know when that will happen. Meanwhile, people have been asking where to get the book. So, now it's back! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great to see this back for sale!

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Thank you very much for the new availability. I had not bought the book before so it is all new to me. I am glad I got it! I hope to learn many things especially about the programming part.

A couple of quick tips:

  • There is no table of contents. You should make one because if you only want to go into certain parts in depth you have to go look them up manually and that is not really convenient.
  • I had to convert your file to PDF format because on my Mac some things don't show up formatted correctly. Consider providing a PDF as well...

Anyway, thank you very much!


That was a design decision in revising this book. The book originally had its own Table of Contents. This could have been left in the book, but the page numbers would have to be removed. I didn't like that, also it was redundant as now the book has its own Table of Contents for ePub…

The book can vary depending on the ePub reader or the viewing size. That is frustrating, as I'd like to have the precision of a PDF, but it was a compatibility decision. I find that a PDF is not as fun to read on a phone. The ePub version of this book works better on-the-go. Here's an example…

That shows Safari and Apple's “Books” app. The ePub version flows better. The book is squished to the right side.

The first screenshot in this post is from the Books app on a Mac. Here's another screenshot. It's from the Calibre E-Book viewer…

The Table of Contents is displayed in its own panel. So, your viewing experience could improve by changing your ePub reader to better suit your preferences.

Thank you very much for the new availability.

It's nice to see people are excited about the book's return. It was written to help designers with development, and to help developers with design. Although, I suppose it's more of the former. There is an entire section just about JavaScript. So, hopefully it helps you with the programming side of Hype. :slightly_smiling_face: