A Book About Hype (3.5+Pro) 📘


The ball should have “Dynamic” physics. That’s so it can bounce against the wall elements, which are “Static” elements. (The walls shouldn’t move.)

The bouncing actually comes from the “Bounce” JavaScript, which is run when a Mouse Down or Mouse Over event happens. It’s an action that moves the ball upward, not physics. Is it confusing? Totally. That’s why the “Is there a Physics API” thread is so long. The “Bounce” example is trying to get Hype to do something it doesn’t excel at.

http://brm.io/matter-js/docs/classes/Body.html - If access to Matter.js was unrestricted, it’s simply just a use of the Matter.Body.setAngularVelocity(body, velocity) API.

No changes of the current version of the book are planned. Adding video makes the project massive, so that’s why it’s a new project. So far, people unanimously want video…

So I figure I’d create new examples and then just do a video for each section, explaining what that section is about. I’m realizing that people don’t like to read. Although, trying to learn from a video can also be annoying. So the idea is that both options are available. A video could very likely be a read-through of the section.

I haven’t started that though. It’s a huge project and I don’t know what’s up with Hype 4, so I’m working on a Hype scripting project right now.

(Jonathan Luna) #228

bouncing ball.hype.zip (18.9 KB) Still no luck here is the attached project file…


For those following along at home, I sent a private message to JohnnyMoon.

(Greg) #230

Jonny, there are several typos in the 'bounce() script, check the spelling of the word Element (one of the misspellings). You can also see them in the console in Safari. Good luck…

(Jonathan Luna) #231

I corrected my typos and still had no luck, I even tried copy an pasting code its self with no affect what so ever
bouncing ball.hype.zip (21.6 KB)


OK, which one of you is teaching a class about Hype?! I like the sales, but some people are having trouble download / reading the book. :smile:

I was actually thinking about taking the book offline, as Hype 4 could be out in a few months. But apparently, that would have been bad.

(lee) #233

Is this a good book to buy if I primarily am going to be creating Banner Ads?

I would like to work on web site elements in the future but as for now I need to focus on Web Banner Animation/Interactions only? is this probably the place ot start?


I think that could be a weakness of the book. Hype is becoming more popular for building advertisements, but the book doesn’t focus in on that topic. The book is more of a general purpose how to use Hype. The basic JavaScript information might be helpful.

(lee) #235

Thanks great, thanks. I will eventually read this book but now I need to focus more on the Ads side as soon as possible.

I have created lots of banners now but we havnt tested any so I am unsure of what will and will not work… I wish there was a A book about Hype ( for banner ads )

I am slowly going through all of the tutorials but they seem to be a bit older now so its difficult to see what I can and cant use!

(Rick) #236

Seems to me you’re doing it backwards a bit. I would focus on what you want to do, then search for solutions to (do) that (if you get stuck). Looking at all the things that are possible with Hype, which is nigh limitless seems to me a bit counter productive. :blush:

(lee) #237

Sorry maybe I worded incorrectly,

What I am trying to do now is JUST focus on Banner Ads and try and get my head around it. I just there was more tutorials / examples / guides of what can be and cannot be done with Banner Ads. I dont want to spend a couple of days working on something in Hype that ends up not working in Banner Ads!

I will go slowly and just try and work it out as I go :), but you are right I am focusing on just Ads right now.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #238

As an FYI, Hype throughout the years has been 99% additive in features – nearly all previous tutorials are still applicable as very little has been removed/changed. The biggest difference is just from a UI perspective it is a single window compared to v1 and v2. There may be better techniques to handle more complex problems, but all the old techniques still work.


@tekkon But, you’re right as in there are no “specific” tutorials in Banner Ad (BA) creation. Plenty of examples. And, even though the tutorials that are out there aren’t specific to BA’s the techniques may help in creating said BA’s or the effects that you want inside them.

Really though, I believe you may be looking at the process as a whole. Not necessarily the animation but also what export settings, sizes, platform specific caveats, etc. Maybe?

(lee) #240

^^ This is great to here and was going to be my next thread so thats for saving me time. Now I can just do all tutorials with no worry :slight_smile:

Combined with what you all said this is great advice. I think it might be a good idea to look at it as a whole, I will learn so much more as well as techniques for banners ads so I guess it will not hurt to learn as much as I can…

Thanks again for the advice guys



The topic of this thread - “A Book About Hype” - provides a general survey of the Hype program which will get You up to speed quickly. I would highly suggest buying it - $15.00 well spent!

Then, with this knowledge in hand, You can skim the online Documentation to fill in any missing pieces relevant to your specific goals.

Check it out: https://photics.com/books/a-book-about-hype/

(lee) #242

Yes I will pick this up!.. I think I need to just get my head around the basics so I can use it for Banner Ads, then I will go thoroughly through this book to maybe move into other things apart from Banner Ads.

(Ken Heins) #243

Try to find the time to work your way through the basics before trying to focus on one particular area even if you really need it. Been there, done that and I think it took as much time in the end. Relates not to Hype, but Rapid Weaver, but its the same principle. Just saying :grinning:

(lee) #244

No no you are indeed very correct lol !

I am just trying to quickly dive into what the possibiiltes and limitations are in Ads, but the more I look and hear from other people the more I can see pretty much 90% of all can go into Ads… I think its time to rewind and go from the start.

Luckily my job is using Animation/interactive design so I have lots of experience with Tools with timelines so it shouldnt take me long!.. I will take your advice :slight_smile:


Note – If you tried ordering a copy of A Book About Hype today, June 8th, your email didn’t work. The order was refunded.


As mentioned here…

You might be wondering if now is a good time to buy A Book About Hype, version 3.5 + Pro.

The answer is… :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s really up to you, as I don’t know when Hype 4 is going to be released. I suspect soon, as it’s already late. (It was supposed to be Q1 and we’re already in Q3.) Sure, I’m in the beta. I could already start working on it. However, I’m waiting to see how Physics turns out. It could dramatically change the direction of the book.

As mentioned in the Tumult convention keynote, there are new features announced. Some are big features. Which is the best? Which is the clincher that makes people want to upgrade. Is it physics? Is it vector shapes? That changes the focus… is Hype for game development or is it design? Is it both? I don’t know the answers to these questions. It depends how Hype 4 turns out.

Either way, it’s a lot of work for me to update the book. It’s going to take some time. So, to be fair to the people that bough the current version, I’m planning a delay between the two books.

On the day Hype 4 launches. I’ll have to make a decision. Am I going to update the book? If I choose yes, the plan is to take down the old book and start working on the new book. It will take me approximately 3-6 months to update the book. That means, in that scenario, neither book will be available… not the old one and not the new one. That space between the two books is to make it fair for the people that bought a copy of the original book.

Why wouldn’t I update the book? Well, I’m not sure if there’s enough demand to justify the amount of work involved. It’s hard work. It gets tedious and boring at times. It’s also stressful.

Although, I already mastered export scripting, so that could be a very useful section. I’m sitting on some pretty amazing Hype tech and I’m wondering what to do with it. HA HA. So, an update to the book is more likely than not.

(I’m also considering if I should add videos to the ePub or not. That’s looking more like a no.)

Anyway, that’s the latest info. I’m basically waiting for Hype 4 like everyone else.