Zooming makes the page quit "a problem repeatedly occured"

I am having an issue on IOS that whenever you use your fingers to zoom in the browser I get the following error. Someone in the forum suggested it was the looping video but that did not work.

Any suggestions welcomed: https://dev.scatbags.com/

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First off… just amazing good! Love the subtle political statement :wink:

Can I ask what code you used to animate objects that are moved into view?

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I would uncheck 'preload' for all images so they load when needed instead of all at once at the beginning, and also turn on 'Use Webkit Graphics Acceleration' ( I emailed you back regarding this, let us know if it fixes the issue). I might pick up some of these bags for my pup.


Hi Max, thanks! We're looking forward to launching next week, keep an eye on scabags.com in about 2 weeks!

I am just using the normal hype keyframes to move object into view. I think Daniel's help below (and in an email) will help fix the issue, I forgot I left some random scroll to top of page code in a function.

Thanks Daniel, fantastic support, we will do what you suggested in your email.

I have tried all suggestions, remove preload, remove any javascript.
Stop video looping. Change many settings.

Does anyone have any ideas why I am getting this error?

See video...

This looks like the same problem from this post:

Did anything change from then to now? Is "Use WebKit graphics acceleration" still disabled?

I think we'd need to see a zip of your .hype document along with knowing which iOS hardware and OS version you are using to debug further.

The solution is to move video forward towards a front layer then it doesn't crash

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