Zoom in and zoom out a symbol

Good morning!!
I don’t know very much about coding.
My question is: Can I click any Symbol to zoom directly to it, click again to zoom out again?
I know there is a similar topic about creating zoom effects like Prezi but I can’t get over it!
Attached to this post you will find my work.
Thanks for your attention.
Casa Animata.hype.zip (325.1 KB)

If you record, move the time ahead a bit, then hold ⌘ while dragging a corner of the symbol, you can record a scale animation. If you then reverse it, and create a Mouse Click Action to continue that timeline (and also check the ‘Can Restart Timeline’ checkbox) you can achieve this:

Casa Animata.hype 2.zip (366.5 KB)

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Good job, thank you very much!!
This is what I was looking for!