Z-index in Exported HTML files from Hype

Hi there,
i have a problem that when i exported HTML files from Hype , when i try to add any text inside the HTML the text come over the popup and menu, which is not right, i give my new text Z-index 1, while the menu and popup_by inspect element_ i found it has z-index 9 or more, So any advice

Hi Haytham,

Can you share the URL where this issue is occuring? One thing you could do is set your menu to have a very high Z-index (99 or so) to ensure it is always above other elements.

I did, I created the menu inside Hype, then i exported HTML with out text in body because i need to edit the text with out going back to hype… but always when i open the drop down menu i got the text over it, while that i gave the text z-index 2 or 3

Can you share what you have so far so I can see how this is setup currently?

testmeni.zip (112.9 KB)

When I set the “textsample” class to a z-index of 1 or below (e.g. 0, -1, etc.) the text is not visible.

yes, but it is going back of the scene background else, so it didn’t appear over all :), but i solved it by giving it 2 z-index not one, one before click the button of menu and other after clicking the menu

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